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"I guide clients towards deeper connections with their children. My holistic approach combines evidence based strategies and astrological insights, empowering mothers to tap into their natural resources, overcome overwhelm, and find balance in their lives. "


-Nadia Kazolides


Whether you are seeking guidance on nurturing your child's emotional well-being or enhancing their academic journey, astrology is your compass to success!

Emotional Growth

S I N G L E  A S T R O L O G Y  R E A D I N G 

f o r  Y o u  o r  Y o u r  C h i l d


Gain clarity in navigating your relationship with your child through understanding the celestial bodies that influence their temperament, personality, emotions, gifts and challenges.

Build a profound awareness of who your child is and what gifts they have come with into this physical world. 

Discover their soul's true purpose, inspiring you to support  them on their authentic path.

Foster a relationship built on trust and harmony by understanding your child on a deeper level.

 Transform the dynamic at home from depleting to fulfilling experiences through this enlightened reading

T R A N S F O R M A T I V E 

A s t r o P a r e n t i n g  C o a c h i n g 

  • Personalised 6-week astrology coaching program, exploring the profound influence of celestial bodies on your unique self in relationship to your family.

  • Bi-weekly enlightening sessions to gain a deeper understanding of your personality, emotions, gifts, and challenges.

  • Receive practical tools to transform exhausting moments into joy and energy, enhancing interactions with your family. 

  • Focus on reconnecting with your cosmic DNA and gaining clarity in your decision-making process to feel more at ease.

G R O U P  C O A C H I N G

M a x  5  P e o p l e

  • Transformative 6-week group coaching program empowering parents with astrology wisdom.

  • Weekly 1.5-hour enlightening sessions exploring the fascinating world of astrology mapping.

  • Explore fundamentals: what astrology mapping is, how it's done, and practical applications. 

  • Delve into unique astrology maps of different families for valuable insights for each participant.

  •  Discover the transformative power of astrology for harmonious family dynamics.

  • Join the waitlist now and unlock the celestial secrets to joyful parenting!

Academic Growth

E N L I G H T E N E D   E X P L O R E R  

D i s c o v e r  Y o u r  E d u c a t i o n a l  P a t h

how to forgive someone (2).png

The Enlightened Explorer is your starting point for unlocking the ideal educational journey for your child.


As your holistic educational guide and conscious parent, I'll work closely with you.

This program includes an initial consultation to understand your family's values and needs, guidance on specifying educational criteria, and recommendations for further research on schools.



E M P O W E R E D  V I S I O N A R Y

E x p a n d  Y o u r  C h i ld ' s  E d u c a t i o n a l

H o r i z o n

how to forgive someone (2).png

As you step into the Empowered Visionary level, you're on a journey of enhanced conscious educational choices.


Building upon the Enlightened Explorer, this level offers a deeper exploration of your child's interests and gifts, a meticulous research process for identifying ideal schools, expert guidance on critical school selection factors, and an enlightening accompanied school visit.


This comprehensive package empowers you with profound insights to make conscious decisions that seamlessly align with your family's values, expanding the educational horizons for your child.

C O S M I C  C R E A T O R  

S h a p e  a  U n i v e r s e  o f   P o s s I b i l i t i e s 

f o r   Y o u r   C h i l d 's  E d u c a t i o n 

how to forgive someone (2).png

At the Cosmic Creator level, we embark on an extraordinary journey together—one where your child's educational destiny aligns with the cosmos.


Building upon the transformative experiences of the Empowered Visionary, this level offers personalised support throughout the school application process, additional school visits if necessary, and in-person support for school meetings or interviews. With extensive post-programme support, including unlimited phone calls and meetings, you'll be equipped to sculpt a universe of possibilities for your child's education.


Elevate your child's learning experience to cosmic heights, with a roadmap that harmonises with your family's values and honours your child's unique potential. Your child's educational universe awaits creation!


School Children

Discover the optimal literacy learning path for your child, one that's not only enjoyable for your family but also easily implementable. If you've ever:

 felt unsure about how to navigate reading and writing with your child 

found it challenging to engage with your child's teacher on these subjects, you are not alone!  

My personalised educational blueprint, rooted in evidence-based strategies, is here to transform those moments of frustration into a nurturing and empowering relationship with your child.

My compliments on what you do, Nadia. Thanks for your contribution in the name of all mamas.

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