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Find the Ideal Learning Environment for Your Child to Thrive In

As you step into the Empowered Visionary level, you're on a journey of enhanced conscious educational choices. Building upon the Enlightened Explorer, this level offers a deeper exploration of your child's interests and gifts, a meticulous research process for identifying ideal schools, expert guidance on critical school selection factors, and an enlightening accompanied school visit. This comprehensive package empowers you with profound insights to make conscious decisions that seamlessly align with your family's values, expanding the educational horizons for your child.


  • Initial consultation to understand family values and needs.

  • Guidance on specifying educational criteria.

  • Recommendations for further research on schools.

  • Integration of the "Enlightened Explorer" into your educational journey.

  • In-depth assessment of the child's interests and gifts.

  • Step-by-step research process on ideal schools.

  • Expert guidance on key elements to consider when choosing a school.

  • One accompanied school visit.

  • Integration of the "Empowered Visionary" into your educational journey.

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