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Unlock your child's exceptional confidence in reading and writing. Let's embark on this transformational literacy journey together!

Discover the optimal literacy learning path for your child, one that's not only enjoyable for your family but also easily implementable


Have you ever:

  • felt unsure about how to navigate reading and writing with your child 

  • found it challenging to engage with your child's teacher on these subjects, you are not alone!  

My personalised educational blueprint, rooted in evidence-based strategies, is here to transform those moments of frustration into a nurturing and empowering relationship with your child.


This is how we do it: 

- Understand your child's literacy level and learn how to pick books that align with their unique interests.

- Embark on a step-by-step journey to unearth your child's full learning potential, equipped with effective strategies.

- Receive expert guidance on creating the perfect home learning environment.

- Integrate your child's learning plan to the school's approach to literacy and specific learning outcomes.

- Collaborate with teachers to ensure a supportive learning culture for your child (with my guidance).

- Integrate your child's rhythmic routines and personalised educational blueprint in a simple and effective way.


  • Post-programme support tailored just for you, Mama.

  • Reading and writing strategies to enrich your home learning routine.


  • A bespoke educational assessment personalised for your child's unique needs, considering their astrological profile to understand their learning style.


  • One-on-one guidance and support "offline" in between sessions.

  • A total of five consultations.

  • Accompanied school meetings (two sessions).


  • Package of 5 Sessions: €1,000 

  • Pre-Assessment (including astrology chart and strategy): €300

  • Post-Assessment: €150

  • Accompanied School Meetings (2): €400 (in-person) or €300 (online)

  • Offline Guidance: Included

  • Post-Program Support: Included

  • Investment: 1,850 ( including in person school meetings)

  • 1,750 ( online meetings)

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