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" A creative and personalized course for children & parents"  

Help your children thrive! 


Education for the children from a Holistic perspective with holistic methods.


Unique and creative educational blueprint based on the children's needs


Holistic methods for parents & teachers to bond & support their children


Creative educational syles based on children's needs & personality 

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Empowering parents and educators to nurture their connection with children by delivering a unique and creative educational blueprint based on holistic truths. Together we implement steady rhythmic routines that focus on developing the child’s spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being and academic progress.


Rebecca, London

Needless to say that during every holiday Nadia comes to London, to visit her family, my kids jump in booking their time with Nadia, a day out sightseeing, or endless hours going to Museum or simply a meal at her father’s restaurant to highlight their day.

As a mother, friend, and woman I take Nadia’s advice into great weight as I know her sole agenda is mine and my kids fulfilment.

Thank you my dear!


Daniela, Roma

In questo periodo scolastico e sociale così delicato spero possa essere utile condividere con voi la nostra esperienza super positiva. 

Per noi è stata un grande aiuto con la sua positività, energia, pazienza ed empatia. Stimola i bambini/ragazzi in base alle loro attitudini, cercando di smussare i punti critici. 


Nadia Kazolides è pronta ad aiutarvi nel percorso educativo dei vostri figli, per affrontare le problematiche che i ragazzi di ogni età incontrano nella gestione dello studio e dell'ambiente scolastico.

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Chadia, Casablanca

Nadia est une personne exceptionnelle! Qui est vraiment à l’écoute... qui a cherché de par elle même à avoir des nouvelles de l’évolution du comportement de ma fille , et j’avoue que cela m ‘a bcp touchée!Elle m’a aidée à installer une routine avec ma fille pour faciliter le moment du dodo Elle a des techniques, elle vous envoi des liens pour avoir plus de references.

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